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Managed Services

TechNET Express Group of Tallgrass Systems Ltd. offers professional technical services to public sector, small & medium Business (SMB) clients through our T-CARE program of on-demand, on-site network service, and network managed services (SLA). There is a service package to fit any size SMB business or public agency. For a surprisingly low price per month, TSL can remotely monitor your network, alert you of any issues that require action, and schedule an on-site visit to resolve those issues if necessary.

Are you frustrated about persistent network problems such as security vulnerabilities, poor performance,
and a barrage of support requests ? If you answered YES to any of the previous questions,
you NEED Managed Services offered by TechNET Express Today!

CALL 800-475-3434 and ask about rapid assessment tool (Network Assessment Service) which identifies performance issues, asset inventory lifecycles, and energy usage. For a limited time, this T-CARE NAS is priced at $600 per domain site (reg $900). 

Immediate results of TechNET Express Managed Services Plans are increased performance, security, and reliability at an affordable price.

TechNET EXPRESS offers technical service plans to meet most business needs!

T-CARE MS is a proactive managed services solution which keeps your network and desktops healthy and working.
Feature Benefit Matrix - T-CARE MS Lite Gold & Gold Plus

T-CARE NS provides on-site network support, configuration, and installation services monthly or annually as needed.
Feature Benefit Matrix - T-CARE NS SOLO & DUO

provides break and fix services for businesses that require incident specific support services.
T-CARE PS provides print audit service and cost per page solutions in printer management.
T-CARE NAS is a rapid assessment of network health, energy usage, and asset inventory and licensing.

T-CARE Technical Service Plans  -  [Learn More]

For more specific information regarding TechNET Express
Managed Services Packages please follow the links below:

Do I really need Managed Services?

Features and Benefits Overview

Managed Workplace Overview

Call us at 800/475-3434 or email us at for a free T-CARE consultation on the best technical service plan for your business.



Affordable IT Support

You rely on your IT assets to operate your business, but maintaining and managing these investments can be costly, complicated and time-consuming — distracting you from your core business activities and using up resources.

Our remote monitoring and management (RMM) services will result in an overall lower cost of owning and supporting IT, more predictable costs, and help you avoid the large, unplanned expenses that are typically associated with unscheduled downtime.

Remote Monitor, Alert and Response

With 24/7 monitoring and alerting, we’ll know immediately when something has gone wrong and can guarantee a rapid response, delivered remotely if possible, or on site if required. Problems are often resolved before you’re even aware of them.

Asset Management

Our RMM services make it possible to deliver detailed, up-to-date hardware and software inventories to protect assets for insurance purposes or regulatory compliance.

We’ll track warranty expirations to ensure you never pay for maintenance twice.

We’ll also automatically detect new software installations and discover the presence of unauthorized and illegal software, such as peer-to-peer file-sharing applications that rob you of bandwidth.

Preventive Maintenance

With detailed, accurate information about your IT assets, we minimize costly disruptions to your daily operations by proactively resolving problems before they become critical. We’ll also be able to quickly identify where maintenance activities can optimize performance and lower costs.